Governor's Supporters say They'll Take On Unions

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, May 19, 2005

The group calls itself “Go for It Arnold” and says it’s a volunteer effort to get voters on board with Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s initiatives that include changing the teacher tenure system and the way legislative districts are drawn. Co-chair Julie Vandermost says it’s a matter of meeting those who oppose the Governor’s measures head-on.

  “When the unions are out there protesting, we want to be out there spreading the correct message. We have to combat the fact that millions of dollars are being spent to attack the Governor on these issues because the people who are maintaining the status quo want to keep it that way.” 

Much of the support and many members in the organization come from the GOP but backers say they expect participation from across party lines.  A spokesman for the California Democratic Majority— which is a spin-off of the Democratic Party, calls it a front organization for Republicans with a strictly partisan slant.