Dems Decry 80 Million Dollar Cost of Special Election

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, May 18, 2005


A statewide special election this fall appears to be a near certainty, but Democratic Assembly Floor Leader Dario Frommer says its eighty million dollar cost creates a problem.

"We don’t think there oughta be a special election.  We think it’s a waste of money.  But if you’re gonna do it, you better say how you’re gonna pay for it, and how you’re gonna help local governments make sure that this election has integrity and that the democratic process is gonna be respected."

  Frommer noted that former Governor Pete Wilson insisted the state should bear the cost when he ordered a special statewide election in 1993.

Spokesman H.D. Palmer in the governor’s Department of Finance says the question will be dealt with in due time.

"If a special election is called we will certainly address the issue of potential costs and potential reimbursements at that time.  But no decision has yet been made, so it would be premature to comment on it at this time."

The governor has until mid-June to decide whether to call a special election for early November.