McPherson Says 2006 Redistricting Not Possible

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, May 17, 2005


Governor Schwarzenegger wants a constitutional change that would take the task of drawing district lines away from the legislature and give it to a panel of retired state judges.  He wants a special election this fall to ratify the change and he’s made it clear he’d like to have new districts drawn in time for next year’s elections.

But Secretary of State Bruce McPherson, the state’s top elections official, says there’s no way it can be done that quickly.

"I can just see the potential of lawsuits which are likely to happen in California , to hold it up.  And so the implementation, we’re just talking a year away for the June primary of next year.  I just don’t see that we can do it within that time frame."

  McPherson, who like Schwarzenegger is a moderate Republican, says he has not discussed redistricting with the governor.  In office for only seven weeks, McPherson told the Sacramento Press Club his top priority is restoring trust and confidence in California ’s election system.