Governor Fires Back Over Education Spending

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, May 17, 2005

After touring an elementary school near Sacramento, Governor Schwarzenegger told reporters his one-time funding of certain education programs is appropriate and countered claims that he’s broken a promise to pay back money owed to schools in Proposition 98 funds. 

“This is wrong, it’s a right-out lie.  We did not make a promise that we will give it back this year, because we couldn’t guarantee to give it back this year because we didn’t know how much money we have.” 

Assembly Democratic Speaker Fabian Nunez says that money should flow this year. 
“He’s got a personal grudge with the education community.  And therefore, the children of the state of California have to pay the consequences.”
 Nunez says Democrats will unveil their own budget plan soon. He wouldn’t say whether it includes tax increases. But Senate Democratic leader Don Perata has suggested an education tax measure for an expected special election this fall,  which would require Republican votes if placed on the ballot by the legislature.