High Tech Used to Detect Methamphetamine

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(Modesto, CA)
Friday, May 13, 2005

The van is the first of its kind to be used by a non-military agency in the United States. The van has a camera and an infrared sensor that can detect chemical vapors from up to one thousand feet, according to department spokesman, Deputy Jason Woodman.

"We're able to then decipher if those are the chemicals used to manufacture methamphetamine. And it will actually direct us to the area where the chemicals are coming from."

Woodman says the van will give the department a boost in the on-going battle against meth producers.
The central valley is considered the epicenter of methamphetamine production in the country.

The van, which costs 750-thousand dollars, was paid for with government grants. The department isn't disclosing a description of the van so it can be operated without detection.

(Photo courtesy: Stanislaus County Sheriff's Department)