Democrats Scorn Education Spending in Revised Budget

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(Sacramento, CA)
Friday, May 13, 2005

Schwarzenegger is proposing in his revised budget more than 200-million dollars in spending for projects in California schools-- a far cry from what school officials and legislative Democrats want.

Assembly Democratic Speaker Fabian Nunez says he believes more than three-billion dollars is owed under the Proposition 98 guarantee and scorned the Governor’s plan. 

 “’Cause the band-aid the Governor is providing… One-time money? What is it under two-hundred million dollars? It’s not going to make it, doesn’t cut it.”
The programs for education proposed by Schwarzenegger include recognition pay to encourage teachers and principals to serve in low-performing schools.  Schwarzenegger introduced his revised 115-billion dollar budget proposal which reflects four billion in new revenues. Much of the windfall is proposed for transportation projects and to reduce debt.