Governor Prepares to Release Revised Budget

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Thursday, May 12, 2005

The date is pure coincidence. Finance Department spokesman H.D. Palmer says with revenues up, there will be some new spending proposals.

"Thre will be additional money for schools.  There will be additional money and additional initiatives.  One of which is what is being referred to as 'recognition pay'"

Governor Schwarzenegger has already said he'll ask for over a billion dollars for overdue road and transportation improvements.
Senate President pro Tem Don Perata says the governor and the legislature need to begin serious discussions on the broad, long-term needs of the state.

"We really are under a situation now where our children are going to have a  less qualified lifestyle than we have.  And it's a very poor legacy for any political leader to wanta hand off."

Schwarzenegger has said his door is always open to proposals from Democrats in the legislature.