California Chamber's "Job Killer" Bills Unveiled

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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

The annual “job killer” list presented by the California Chamber of Commerce this year includes forty-one bills—many with the goal of increasing revenue through taxes.  Chamber President Alan Zaremberg  acknowledged that some of the targeted bills were vetoed last year by Governor Schwarzenegger.  But he says the burden shouldn’t be on the Governor to eliminate bills that discourage business growth.

 “And we need to have some common sense in this legislature so that people throughout the world recognize they are not going to try to create situations that inappropriately increase costs on businesses.”

 Number one on the Chamber’s list is a measure by Assemblywoman Wilma Chan to re-instate the ten or eleven percent income tax rate on upper income earners. Chan says her bill is a fair way to bring more revenue into the state and help shore up education.