Traffic Troubles Growing

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, May 9, 2005

The annual Urban Mobility Report is by the Texas Transportation Institute.

Spokesman Bernie Feddy says they found that the number of hours motorists spend in their cars has more than tripled over the past 20-years. “The number of hours of delay that Sacramento drivers faced in 1982 was 12 hours a year. The amount of hours that drivers in the Sacramento area face currently is 40 hours per year.”

And Feddy says local commuters are also losing money. “$685 per rush hour traveler as a result of a combination of lost productivity and wasted fuel that results from cars idling, stuck in traffic.”

The report says gridlock is getting worse because urban areas aren't keeping up with the growing number of travelers. The institute released the study just as the U.S. Senate resumes debate on a $284 Billion dollar highway bill. But, transportation experts estimate the government would have to spend up to $400 Billion on highways to solve traffic jam problems.