Last Chance For Stem Cell Headquarters

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, May 3, 2005

Sacramento Mayor Heather Fargo and other local officials are gearing up for Friday. "We get a chance to make one more presentation on Friday." They’ll make their final case to the stem cell oversight committee at a meeting in Fresno.

Fargo says she wants to clear up any misconceptions that panel members might have about the Sacramento site. "For example, one person made the comment that our site was too far away from stores and restaurants and that kind of thing but it’s right there across from Embassy Suites right backing up to Old Sacramento. Now, we didn’t tour them through Old Sacramento and maybe we needed to explain more about the restaurants and the stores."

Sacramento is tied for second place with San Diego. San Francisco tops the list. Some experts say that the stem cell center will be a boon for the host city because it will attract other biotech companies to town.