Rise In Youth Violence Spurs Forum

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, May 2, 2005

The meeting will be at Hiram Johnson High School, the site of a drive-by shooting about 2 weeks ago.

District assistant superintendent Melissa Brown says the goal is to stem the tide of recent deaths. “In the past year we’ve had a number of homicides that have been gang-related, not that they happened at school but the involved our students. We’ve also had a couple of suicides this year. We want to do something to stop violent activity wherever we see it in the community or at our school sites.”

Topics will include gang prevention, bullying and hate crimes. But school board president Roy Grimes says other causes may be beyond their control. “Some people who will be attending the forum believe it’s tied to the violence in some of the videos and video games and rap music and that kind of thing.”

Law enforcement and community agency representatives will also be at Monday's meeting. District staff will compile recommendations and draft an action plan by the end of the month.