Chopin in Love: Gold Country Performs Romantic Favorites

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(Sacramento, Ca)
Thursday, April 28, 2005

Frederick Chopin is acknowledged as one of the finest composers of romantic piano music.  But, Gold Country’s conductor, Henrik Jul Hansen, feels there’s an especially passionate message in Chopin’s 2nd Piano concerto.

“It’s a total love story, I don’t think there is anybody who wrote a second movement that is more exquisitely, soulfully beautiful.  He wrote it with a specific person in mind; his first love of his life.”

At nineteen, Chopin, who had many lady admirers, fell head over heals with a young singer.  But, when words failed the timid Chopin, he expressed his deep feelings through the slow movement of his second piano concerto.

“And he had been totally faithful to her without ever speaking to her for six months.  So that’s quite something, it means how true his emotions are for this particular movement.”

Indonesian pianist Myrna Setiawan will be the soloist with Jul Hansen and his orchestra this Saturday evening.

“I almost cry every time I hear her play it because she puts so much soul, and her sense of style of Chopin is just right.  It’s very romantic and very passionate you know, she’s just an incredible pianist.”
Setiawan sees digging deep into her own feelings as the truest way of expressing this passionate music.

“It’s not just learning the notes and all the different tone, it has to be coming from the heart, and we need to feel the passion and all the other emotion that is involved to make this piece more complete and speaks.”

Also on the program two pieces by another romantic chap, Mr. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.