Child Abuse Deaths Down But SIDS High In Sacramento

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, April 26, 2005

The latest 5-year study by the Child Abuse Prevention Council of Sacramento says that despite a drop in homicides attributed to child abuse or neglect, Sacramento County continues to have a problem with SIDS deaths.

Sheila Anderson is the council’s president. “Sacramento, over the entire 5-year period, has more deaths in those categories proportionately than the state and the nation and so that’s a trend that we’re not at all happy about and have not seen a change in. In fact, about 12% of all the deaths of children during that period were related to sleep-related deaths.”

Anderson says the report recommends local agencies do more community outreach to educate families about SIDS risk factors. She says the study also found a correlation between an increase in prevention-related services and the drop in child abuse homicides.