Big Increase In West Sacramento Home Prices

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, April 25, 2005

In March of 2004, the median price of a home in West Sacramento was $266,000.

"And just 12-months later the median was $416,500." That’s a 56.5% increase – the 7th highest in the state.

Leslie Appleton-Young with the California Association of Realtors says for people who work in the Bay Area but can’t afford to live there, West Sacramento and Yolo County in general is a nice place to move to. "West Sacramento looks very, very attractive to those buyers and they’re really starting to push the prices up at a very, very rapid pace."

Meantime, the median price of an existing home in Sacramento last month was $357,360, a 24.5% increase from a year ago. That’s faster than the state as a whole, which only saw a 16% increase in the median from a year earlier.