U-C Merced Wants More Students From the Valley

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(Merced, CA)
Thursday, April 21, 2005

U-C Merced has sent out acceptance notices to nearly six thousand applicants. The school opens it's doors to the first class of undergraduates this fall.

Of the six thousand accepted, just over eleven percent are from the Valley region.

Spokeswoman Sheryl Wyan says the university wants a larger percentage of local students in upcoming classes.

"That is definitely a high priority for our campus to increase the educational opportunities for our region's students and to see more of those students applying to and enrolling at U-C Merced."
Wyan says over forty percent of those who have been accepted for the first-year class, are from urban regions like the Bay-area, and the Los Angeles basin.

Those accepted by U-C Merced have until May first to decide whether or not to attend the latest addition to the U-C system.

(Photo courtesy U-C Merced)