Incentives are Considered for Teachers in Inner City Schools

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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

While many have expressed distaste for the term “combat pay” they’re a little warmer to the idea of offering incentives to teachers to work in challenged districts. Schwarzenegger says there are discussions on the issue among staff but that it’s too soon to call it a compromise on merit pay for teachers. 

 “Well I think there is always a lot of speculation about what we pull back, and what we don’t pull back.”

Schwarzenegger said the incentive issue will come up when he releases his revised budget next month. Bob Wells with the Association of California School Administrators says it’s a good conversation to have, but should expand beyond money.

“ But how do we attract the right leader to those schools, so that great teachers will want to follow.”

Schwarzenegger has already retreated from his aggressive push to reform public pensions this year, but says he remains committed to initiatives on teacher merit pay and tenure reform.