UC Service Workers Strike

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, April 14, 2005

The one-day strike was held at UC campuses and Medical Centers across the state.

David Phoenix, an environmental services worker at the UC Davis Med Center in Sacramento, said workers are frustrated about stalled contract talks. "People are already broke then they get no respect. We’re short staffed. We have so many issues going on within this hospital that says they care about us, it’s just getting ridiculous. So that’s why people are walking, they’re pretty upset."

But inside the hospital, Med Center executive and registered nurse Sharon Melberg, said it was business as usual. "The strikers are seeming to have a pretty good time out there with their drum beat and chants but patient operations are going just fine. We have a wonderful collection of supervisors, managers and some temporary workers who are picking up the slack for us."

UC officials say the worker’s union has unrealistic salary increase demands. Workers say they’ll be back on the job Friday.