California's Nursing Shortage Highlighted

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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Governor Schwarzenegger announced the nurse education initiative at a Sacramento-area college facility where nursing students are trained.

  “Right now, nearly all of our state’s nursing schools are full, with long waiting lists.”

  Among the program’s goals is to distribute 90-million dollars in grant money and encourage partnerships to develop nursing-education programs to fill fourteen-thousand vacancies.

Members of the California Nurses Association have been among the Governor’s harshest critics.  C-N-A regulatory policy specialist Vicki Bermudez stood outside the Governor’s event and says there’s already legislation to help nurses that he could support.

 “This is an opportunity for him to look like he’s supporting nursing… Well, we’ll see.”
 The Governor and nurses have been at odds over nurse-to-patient ratio standards which have been upheld in court, despite the Governor’s efforts to challenge