SMUD Annexation Plan Moves Forward

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, April 4, 2005

The Davis, West Sacramento and Woodland city councils have already voted in favor of the swap. The county board of supervisors is expected to follow suit.

Meantime, SMUD’s board president Bill Slayton says their anxious to hear a staff review Wednesday on consultant R-W Beck’s report about annexation. "Oh I think we’ve been looking with anticipation ever since the Beck report was released. It’s very clear that there’s continuing interest on the part of those in the Yolo County communities to continuing this process of annexation."


The Beck report says Yolo County residents would save money by switching to SMUD but PG&E spokeswoman Jann Taber disagrees.
"Our analysis of that study shows that it is fatally flawed and that folks in Yolo County will end up paying between 15 and 17 percent more than their PG&E rates if SMUD were to annex."

If the SMUD board approves annexation, the issue could go before voters in November of 2006.