Local Catholics Remember Pope John Paul II

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, April 4, 2005

During Sunday morning mass at Westminster Church in Downtown Sacramento, Bishop Richard Garcia consoled the faithful by encouraging them to remember John Paul's 26-year papacy. "All of us will have many memories of our Holy Father and all of them should be treasured moments put in the albums of our own hearts."

Father James Murphy told worshippers the he was personally moved by the worldwide outpouring of sorrow. "What it has made me feel like is that we’re not alone as a church, but also a reminder to me that he’s a leader not just for us Catholics but for many people in the world."

Outside the church after mass, parishioners said they were sad about the pope’s death but glad that his suffering was over. "I am saddened that he had passed away but it’s I think for the best, I don’t want to see him suffering….I’m glad his suffering is over and he’s where he needs to be right now but again you always felt good, I did at least, whenever you saw him."

A special memorial mass for the pope will be held Wednesday at 6 PM at Saint Ignatius Loyola Parish in Sacramento.