Latinos Have Interest In Selection of New Pope

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(Stockton, CA)
Monday, April 4, 2005

 When John Paul the Second became Pope over a quarter of a century ago, there was unbridled rejoicing in his homeland of Poland.
Sister Terry Davis says if the next Pope has ties to a Latino country, the quarter of a million Hispanics in the Diocese of Stockton as well as those throughout the world would have a similar response. "The presence of Hispanics in the U-S, which in our Diocese is well over fifty percent. They just would be thrilled that a Pope would come from one of their countries."

With the covert selection process about to formally begin, Vatican watchers are already picking   favorites.
But Sister Terry dismisses the handicapping as nothing but speculation. "Cardinals are such a rare breed, few of us would know the players well enough to have an educated guess."

The Diocese has planned a Mass this Thursday night at the Cathedral in Stockton for Pope John Paul the Second. His funeral is scheduled for Friday.