Energy Officials Predict Adequate Electricity Supply

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, March 31, 2005

California will have another no-blackout summer, according to officials with the California Independent System Operator in Folsom.

"We believe we have enough power to keep the lights on and the air conditioners humming," says Ken Wiseman, I-S-O’s board chair. He says they have more than enough electricity to prevent the shortages that plagued the state four years ago.

But I-S-O’s chief executive officer Yakout Mansour says that’s only if we have a normal summer. "We should have a surplus of megawatts if average conditions materialize but if we run into the extreme conditions we’re going to have to bring out our operational bag of tools."

He says they’ll be counting on consumers to pitch in and conserve electricity during lengthy heat waves by not using major appliances between noon and 6 PM.