A Compromise over Prison Management

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, March 31, 2005

Senate Democratic Majority Leader Gloria Romero says Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s plan to re-organize the state prison management system will go into effect in May.

"We decided to allow this reorganization to go forward but we would modify the reorganization in a bill that would go through the legislature with a promise of signature by the Governor.”

 Romero says her bill will address concerns she has over combining management of the state’s Youth Authority with the adult prison system.  California Youth and Adult Correctional Agency Secretary Rod Hickman praised the agreement.

 “People were concerned about it being swallowed up into adults, I think this clearly delineates, that it’s not swallowed up that it’s its own program and it’s own entity.”

Romero says several lawmakers are on board with the plan, but that others want more time to review it.