Governor Frustrated over Confirmation Delay

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Speaker Fabian Nunez says Bruce McPherson’s confirmation hearing  was delayed because the Assembly Rules Committee Chairwoman missed her flight from Costa Rica. 

But Spokeswoman Margita Thompson says Schwarzenegger was assured the vacancy in the Secretary of  State’s office would be addressed as soon as lawmakers returned from their vacation.
“This is an office that was vacated under a shroud of controversy and so to be able to put that behind us, the people of California deserve that right away.”

Thompson suggested the Speaker could have appointed a new Rules Committee chairperson to avoid the delay but Fabian Nunez says the hearing and subsequent floor vote will happen this week.  "It isn’t like some plan we concocted.”

 Assemblymembers have held a hearing, but Nunez says there are concerns including McPherson’s choices for his transition team.