State Workers May Lose Two Holidays

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, March 28, 2005

Administration officials say that by eliminating 2 of the state’s 14 paid holidays the state could save 17-million dollars each year. But workers aren’t buying it.  Jim Hard is president of SEIU local 1000, which represents some 90-thousand state workers.

"I don’ t think that this is a reasonable approach to resolving the difficulties of the budget or administering the state quite frankly.  I think it’s just a PR campaign."

H.D. Palmer, deputy director for the state’ s department of finance disagrees.

"We think that when you compare it to what both businesses are providing to their employees in the state and to what city and county governments are providing to their employees we think it is reasonable to pare it back by 2 days."

Palmer says the holidays haven’t been decided yet but Christmas is off the table.