Profits for Scott Peterson?

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, March 22, 2005
Publishers say a book written by Scott Peterson detailing the circumstances surrounding the death of his pregnant wife would be marketable, even if it isn't released for years. Assemblyman Ed Chavez is concerned that under California law, Peterson could eventually profit from such a book -- or a movie. Keri Bailey is the Chief-of-Staff for Chavez. "Our understanding of current law, is that if he decides to write a book or even if he decides to sell silverware that he used in prison, that he can directly profit from that." 
Assembly Bill 878 would require any profits to go to the victims or their estate. Some constitutional scholars question whether California's current law would hold up in an appeals court.  A hearing on the bill is expected late next month. Peterson is on "death row" at San Quentin. Legal experts say it could easily be more than a decade before he's executed.