State Realtors Hope for More Building

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Monday, March 21, 2005


The California Association of Realtors puts out a monthly issue of the latest median home price, and how it’s changed from the previous month and year.  The rising price has served as a reminder of the dwindling chances for many to purchase a home. 

Senior Vice President Alex Creel says the key is to spur development and give builders a break from what are called “discretionary hearings” at the local level. Creel says that’s where public opposition can torpedo developers’ plans. "Then they get stymied, at the last minute, not by legitimate problems with the development, but because of political problems.”

Creel says builders should be allowed to build if they’ve followed rules set forth by local governments. He expects cities to oppose its sponsored measures. 

The League of California Cities says it is still examining that particular bill, but notes local governments are still struggling to implement housing legislation that was approved last year.