Energy Commission Planning for Summer Outages

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, March 21, 2005

A report by energy commission staff finds that if summer temperatures are average, there should be enough power to keep everyone’s air conditioners purring.  But if it’s hot, large parts of Southern California - covered by Edison and SDG&E - could have trouble.  Ron Calvert leads forecasting for Cal-ISO - the state’s power traffic cop.  He says hot weather isn’t the only thing that could cause a power shortfall.

ACT: It’s not just a hot summer.  If suddenly the resource picture changes, and it is a volatile resource picture, we could be caught short.  For southern California or even for the ISO grid. 

And how could the resource picture change?  Transmission lines could fail, a power plant could shut down unexpectedly, or utilities might not be able to import the power they usually get from other states.