Congressman Cardoza Addresses Social Security

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(Modesto, CA)
Monday, March 21, 2005

Like his counterparts in Congress, Representative Cardoza is in his home district during the Easter recess, talking about a number of issues, including social security.

Before about one hundred people at City Hall in Modesto, the Merced Democrat was "preaching to the choir" when he criticized those who want to privatize the seventy year old social security system. "We need to strengthen the system and then we need to put it in a separate account so that the government takes it's dirty paws off of the money." The 18th district congressman said the best way to strengthen the system is to keep the entire federal budget balanced.
Cardoza told the audience, mostly senior citizens, that if social security is privatized it could affect the amount of their benefits as well as those who are 55 years old or younger.

The Bush Administration maintains that those older than 55 would not be affected by privatization, and those younger would wind up with more money at retirement.