Scott Peterson Sentenced to Death

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(Redwood City, CA)
Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Officials aren’t disclosing information about transporting Peterson to San Quentin Prison from a jail in Redwood City. But when he does arrive at the maximum-security facility, he’ll immediately be processed, according to Eric Messick, an assistant to the Warden. "He would be given all his state-issued clothing and his state-issued bedding," says Messick. "He’d be given a rulebook and he’d be housed in his cell, after he’s been stripped-searched."

Messick says once Peterson is transferred to the main cellblock, he’ll become the 616th inmate on California's death row. That status, Messick says, guarantees Peterson his own 48-square foot cell. "It has a single bunk in it. He’ll have a commode in his cell. He’ll have a small sink. And he’ll also have a small wall locker."

Peterson will spend most of each day in his cell. He’ll have an opportunity to leave for exercise in the yard for up to four hours a day.

Over the years, some death row inmates have tried to escape from San Quentin, but no one has ever succeeded.