Judge Rules in Favor of New Placerville Hotel

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(Sacramento, CA)
Friday, March 11, 2005

Judge James Wagoner has tentatively ruled in favor of this 102-room gateway project. It includes a gas station and country just off Highway 50 project, and would be Placerville’s first new hotel in a quarter century. Some officials believe it’s key to growing that area’s tourism business.

The site lies at an off ramp primarily used by those in a 50-home subdivision. Some are so opposed, they posted a $50,000 bond to get an injunction. They may forfeit the money if the judge’s written ruling, expected soon, allows the $17 million Holiday Inn Express to be built. Developer Ed Mackay says he’s been losing $160,000 a month while this project sits in the courthouse. Neighbors contended the environmental impacts weren’t thoroughly studied.