Slow Voter Turn-Out for Special Election

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, March 8, 2005

At lunchtime, volunteers working in a downtown polling place found out they were doing better than many around town—  Poll worker Mary Ellen Burns said about ten-percent of their eligible registered voters had shown up by early afternoon, but that it was still slow.

“It has been a consistent ten per hour, when we got three people in line we got all excited…”

At a polling place nearby, fewer than forty people had turned out by noon to cast ballots in the Sacramento-area fifth Congressional District election.  First-time poll worker Jason Riley said he knows why there weren’t many people showing up at his polling place.

“At this precinct we happen to have an especially  high number of absentee voters about half. So only half the people who live in this neighborhood are expected to vote at the polls in any case.”

The Sacramento County Registrar of Voters office estimated 20-to-25-percent turn outof eligible registered voters.