Democratic Assemblyman Leno Calls Governor Home

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, March 7, 2005

Democratic Assemblyman Mark Leno says Schwarzenegger should cool the out-of-state fundraising and instead come home and negotiate with lawmakers on his proposals.

“This is not political reform, this is a subversion of a Democratic and initiative processes.”

Schwarzenegger is visiting New York this week, in part, to hold a fundraiser. His spokesman Rob Stutzman says the Governor agrees there is too much fundraising in politics and has discussed further campaign finance reform, possibly to be introduced as legislation.

“But… he is determined to succeed on behalf of the people with his reform agenda, and until the rules are different, he’s not going to play on an uneven playing field.”

As for negotiating with lawmakers, Stutzman says the administration is awaiting their counter-proposals as the basis for discussions.