Voters in 5th Congressional District cast ballots Tuesday

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(Sacramento, CA)
Sunday, March 6, 2005

It’s Election Day Tuesday for voters in California’s 5th Congressional District. They’ll go to the polls to pick a replacement for the late Democratic Representative Robert Matsui who died January 1st of a rare blood disorder.  Brad Buyse with the Sacramento County Registrar’s office predicts a 20-to-25 percent turnout for registered voters. "We have about 299-thusand-571 who live in the 5th Congressional District," he says.  "Typically the turnout is a little bit lower. Not all the registered voters in Sacramento County are voting in the special election."

The fundraising frontrunner in the race to replace Robert Matsui is his wife, Doris.  She’s brought in nearly 700-thousand dollars for her campaign since announcing her candidacy in mid-January.  Matsui’s closest rival out of eleven other candidates is fellow Democrat Julie Padilla, who’s raised about 29-thousand dollars.  If no one wins more than half the vote tomorrow, Sacramento voters must return to the polls for a run-off election on May third.  Buyse says the special election is costing Sacramento County about  $1.2 million.

He says those who aren't sure whether they are eligible to vote should call the Registrar's office at 875-6500 or going to