State Legislators Want to Negotiate Federal Funding During DC Trip

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, February 15, 2005
Democrat Fabian Nunez says this week’s trip to Washington D-C is a golden opportunity to bring California’s share of federal funding more into balance. We have the most popular governor in the country who has just helped our President get re-elected, you’ve got the three most powerful Republicans in Congress, all from California.” Both Republican and Democratic state legislative leaders will participate in meetings with the Congressional Delegation and Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. Republican Senate Leader Dick Ackerman says that alone is unprecedented. Cut: Ackerman3 (:06) “We intend to basically use that time and get our message—our common message between the state folks and federal folks.” At issue is decreasing California’s role as a ‘donor state” and raising the amount that California receives for every tax dollar it sends to the federal government—now calculated at about 79-cents on the dollar. SOC