Governor Announces McPherson as Replacement Secretary of State

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(Sacramento, CA)
Friday, February 11, 2005
Schwarzenegger announced the appointment of Republican former state Senator Bruce McPherson one week after Democratic Secretary of State Kevin Shelley announced his resignation under a cloud of scandal. The governor told reporters McPherson met his high standards for the state’s top elections officer. CUT: Arnold08 :08 Bruce McPherson is a moderate Republican from Santa Cruz and is well-liked at the Capitol. He thanked the governor and made this promise. CUT: McPherson11 :11 Democrats control both houses of the legislature, but Senate leaders have already signaled they will have no problem voting to confirm their recent colleague. Assembly Majority Leader Dario Frommer says Democrats in the Lower House will have some pointed questions. CUT: Frommer08 :08 Bruce McPherson can expect to be asked repeatedly whether he plans to run next year for a full term as Secretary of State. Speaking to reporters, he insisted the governor had not asked him to run and he had not made up his own mind on the question. SOC