Commentator Ginger Rutland: Doris Matsui Should Debate

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(Sacramento, CA)
Friday, February 11, 2005
Next month's special election to fill the congressional vacancy left by Robert Matsui's untimely death is just that, an election not a coronation. Sadly, the late Congressman’s widow, Doris Matsui, seems to have lost sight of that fact. Her decision not to debate her opponents leads to the perception that she believes she is owed the seat. She is not. Certainly, it's understandable. Matsui and the political machine running her campaign don't want to risk a debate. After all, she is the front runner. She has name recognition, a huge fund raising advantage and the backing of the Democratic establishment in Washington and Sacramento for a seat in a district that is overwhelmingly Democratic. And, her opponents are largely unknown. None have ever held elective office before. Of course, neither has she. Sure it's a risk. But Matsui should debate anyway, She should debate because the voters deserve to see her in something other than 30second TV spots paid for by wealthy contributors. They deserve to see her standing side by side with other who also seek their votes. She should debate because this is an election not a coronation.