Governor Unveils Reagan Stamp

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, February 9, 2005
Several of the Reagan commemorative items were already sold out when Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger hit the postal service booths set up on the Capitol steps. The Governor has said he greatly admired Ronald Reagan… Cut: GovS1 (:05) Oh, that’s beautiful, that will make a nice gift for somebody.” Reagan’s son-in-law Dennis Revell (Ruh-VELL) spoke at the ceremony to unveil the new stamp and said the smiling portrait really captures his Father-in-law… He remembers Reagan as a prolific letter writer. Cut: DennisR2 (:14) “Even in his day within the White House when you had dictaphones and dictation and the like… he preferred the written word. God knows what he would do today with e-mail (laughs)” Sacramento, where Reagan worked as Governor of California, was one of four locations around the country to have a stamp commemoration ceremony. SOC (Nat out)