Delta King Theatre presents: "Jack and Jill"

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, February 9, 2005
Jill’s a high achieving professional, albeit a little high-strung. Jack’s a thoroughly decent, compassionate guy… maybe a little too nice. They’re attracted to each other -- continuously. But they invariably get on each other’s nerves and break up. And it happens over, and over, and over. You can sense the cycle in this scene, which documents their umpteenth reconciliation, after a chance encounter starts the whole thing again. They wake up in bed at 3 a.m. and realize what they’ve just done. (Soundbite: Maybe you should go back to the hotel…I liked it.) Now I have limited sympathy for these two characters. I mean, they’re healthy and attractive and they’ve got money and careers. But they are a case of arrested development. Their little romance never progresses to any of life’s bigger challenges, like raising kids while being married and having a career at the same time. What saves “Jack and Jill” as a show are the skillful, entertaining performances by Stephanie Gularte and Jonathan Rhys Williams, carefully framed by Peter Mohrmann. They draw you in and keep you interested, whether they’re in make up or break up mode. “Jack and Jill” continues at the Delta King in Old Sacramento through March 6. Jeff Hudson, KXJZ news.