Supreme Court to Decide on California Prision Segregation

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, February 8, 2005
Fifty years after segregation in public schools was outlawed by the Supreme Court, California’s prison system remains the only one in the nation where prisoners are routinely separated by race in living quarters, cafeterias, and recreation areas. Senator Gloria Romero, chair of the Senate’s committee on prisons, says fear of prison gang violence prompted the separation. CUT: Romero12 :12 The committee heard testimony from a Texas prison expert that placing inmates of different races in two-person cells in that state did not lead to increased violence. California Attorney General Bill Lockyer said the state can take drastic action to prevent prison violence. CUT: Lockyer09 :09 Lockyer refused to tell the committee if he personally opposes prison segregation. The Supreme Court will rule on the policy this spring. SOC