Local Communities Doubt Lasting Middle East Peace

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, February 8, 2005
The result of the first upper-level meeting between Palestinian and Israeli leaders in four years was a verbal declaration to stop acts of violence. Many observers are calling it an overwhelmingly positive sign – but Marwa (MAR-WA) Risahre (RIZ-ah-HE) with Students for Justice in Palestine isn’t nearly as upbeat. She calls it just another cease-fire. CUT: MARWA6 :08 “I don’t think that the peace talks between the two of the them are going to open up any new situation or help end the occupation.” There are similar sentiments from Rabbi Etz Hasadeh (HAWS-uh-day) of the Kenesset Israel Torah Center in Sacramento. He says the current cease-fire agreement is a long way from real resolution to the problems in the Middle East. CUT: RABBI2 :08 “While the cease-fire is a great thing, a cease-fire is still a long ways from any kind of comprehensive peace.” Though both Marwa (MAR-WA) Risahre (RIZ-ah-HE) and Rabbi Hasadeh (HAWS-uh-day) have misgivings about the prospects for this cease-fire, they share the desire to see a lasting peace in the Middle East. SOC