Lawmakers Studying How to Better Manage Sexually Violent Predators

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, February 8, 2005
Members of the Assembly Public Safety Committee are reviewing a report by the California Research Bureau that looks at how other states manage sexually violent predators. The report suggests the state offer incentives to universities to train more people and foster research in treating sex offenders. The director of the State Department of Mental Health, Doctor Steven Mayberg, says it’s an area that could use development. Cut: May1 (:16) “We really do need to look at what our treatments and interventions that will help ensure there’s better success in the community and better public safety when people are released and people are released they do have determinate sentences.” Mayberg says the major challenge for his department is housing the offenders when they’re released. A bill signed into law last year requires that they be placed in the communities where they lived prior to being incarcerated. SOC