Central Valley Poor Receive Less Fed Assistance

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, February 8, 2005
According to the report over 20 percent of the residents of the Central Valley live in poverty as compared to 13 percent in Appalachia. The data also indicates the federal government spends far less per capita in the Valley, than in Appalachia. Armed with the report, congressional representatives from the Valley are calling for more federal money. But Carol Whiteside, the President of the Modesto-based Great Valley Center, says money isn’t the solution. WHITESIDE :08—There’s a lot of history that shows that just putting money in the way we’ve been spending it in the past, isn’t necessary going to solve our problems. Whiteside and others say the most significant thing about the report, is that it came about as a result of a bipartisan effort by the Valley’s six-member congressional delegation. Bob Hensley KXJZ News.