Former Sec State Shelley's Future is Uncertain

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(Sacramento, CA)
Friday, February 4, 2005
Kevin Shelley’s role in public office started in 1990 when he won a seat on the San Francisco Board of Supervisors… He was elected to the State Assembly in 1996, where he ultimately served as Majority Leader. Former Democratic Assemblyman Fred Keeley worked on the Speaker’s leadership team with Shelley and remembers that despite rubbing some the wrong way, he was effective at his job. Cut: FredK1 (:17) “He is a strong personality, an intense person and very clear on what the Speaker’s needs are to have the majority party on procedural matters act as a block.” Along the way, his former Political Science professor Ed Costantini, who is now Professor Emeritus at U-C Davis says he heard some years ago about Shelley’s temper and talked to a mutual friend about it and made a suggestion. Cut: EdCon1 (:09) “Do you think I should call him and have a Father-Son sort of chat? And they said Oh no, he’s working on it. Don’t do that! It will only upset him.” Shelley won election as Secretary of State in 2002 and in his first year was faced with overseeing the recall election, and implementing new standards for voting machines and processes. His resignation now leaves it up to Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to appoint a new Secretary of State.