Secretary of State Faces Audit

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, January 27, 2005
The federal Election Assistance Commission will audit the Secretary of State’s use of more than 27-million dollars in discretionary funding. Commission Chairwoman Gracia (GRAY-shuh) Hillman says its investigation was prompted by the state auditor’s report Cut:Gracia1 (:12) “There were fairly serious findings in that report with respect to some basic lack of control in terms of accounting.” Republican State Senator Dave Cox requested the state audit after questions were raised about the Secretary of State’s spending of Help America Vote Act funds. Cut: DaveC2 (:11) “I believe there are some who think that if Mr. Shelley resigns, well the process should stop and end, my thought is we need to continue the investigation until we get all the facts on the table.” Federal officials say if their findings show funds were spent inappropriately, the state could ultimately be ordered to return the money. Spokespersons for Shelley have repeatedly said this week that he has no plans to resign. SOC