State Superintendant Pushing for Universal Pre-School

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, January 24, 2005
In his annual State of Education address, schools chief Jack O’Connell spoke of his goal of getting universal pre-school off the ground this year. As for the state of education overall, O’Connell said what’s lacking is funding, despite billions of dollars in spending, and said he’ll support efforts at the local level to boost money flowing to public schools Cut: Jack2 (:12) “Let the people decide with a 55-percent vote whether they want to raise parcel taxes for their local public schools. It’s time today for us to lower that vote threshold.” Democratic State Senator Joe Simitian says he’ll introduce legislation to allow voters to decide on lowering the vote threshold from two-thirds to 55-percent to raise parcel taxes—something he’s tried in the past without success. Simitian says if it fails again, he’ll go with a ballot initiative. SOC