Sec of State Shelley Investigated for Improper Conduct

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, January 24, 2005
Shelley, who is under increasing pressure to answer charges he misused federal election funds, now faces another report from the state Personnel Board, expected to accuse him of creating a hostile work environment in his office. Shelley has promised to appear in person at the Legislature’s Joint Audit Committee meeting February third, but there’s speculation he may resign rather than face direct questioning. Committee member Assemblyman Greg Aghazarian says Californians trusted Shelley to use the federal funds wisely. CUT: Agazarian04 :04 Republican State Senator Dave Cox says impeachment of Democrat Shelley is already being contemplated. CUT: COX09 :09 Shelley’s chief spokeswoman insists the Secretary has no plans to resign, but If he does leave office, either by resignation or impeachment, Governor Schwarzenegger would name his replacement. Steve Maviglio, a spokesman for Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez, says whoever is appointed would still have to be confirmed by the legislature. CUT: Maviglio09 :09 Maviglio said it is untrue that Democratic legislative leaders have cut a deal with Shelley that would allow him to serve out his four year term and deny Schwarzenegger the right to name his successor. SOC