CalPERS Tip Line to Catch Fraudulent Disability Claims

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(Sacramento, CA)
Friday, January 14, 2005
CalPers investigators are hoping for some help from their members and the public to identify fraudulent recipients of state disability pensions. Spokesman Darin Hall says callers can remain anonymous or not. Cut: CalP1 (:10) “If they would like a contact back they can leave their information. But they do not speak to a live individual. The information is just received by a recording, and then it is forwarded to an investigator to research the information.” Hall says the tip line is another tool for the department’s Disability Validation Team that investigates and determines disability ranges. Recent news stories have highlighted the issue of questionable and fraudulent state disability pensions. CALPERS announced it is sponsoring legislation that includes measures to give investigators greater access to employment information and strengthen their ability to demand follow-up medical exams to determine the level of disability. SOC **The tip line is 888-CALPERS or 888-225-7377