Secretary of State Shelly Volunteers to Appear Before Audit Committee

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, January 13, 2005
Joint Legislative Audit Committee chairwoman Nicole Parra announced she had received a call from Shelley and that it will no longer be necessary to seek a subpoena to force his testimony. CUT: Parra08 :08 Parra had given Shelley extra time to confer with his lawyers before she sought to compel him to appear before the committee. On Monday, the Audit Committee held a seven-hour hearing on the Secretary of State’s controversial handling of federal election funds, but Shelley sent his deputy to speak for him, prompting more calls for his appearance from lawmakers. Since last fall, Shelley has been under investigation by state and federal agencies for his handling of federal Help America Vote Act funds, his relationship with state grant recipients in his hometown of San Francisco, and his personal conduct with staff members. SOC