Chamber of Commerce Pushing for Flex Time Rules Change

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, January 12, 2005
The state Chamber’s president, Allan Zaremeberg, says both workers and employers want the option of flextime, such as a work week of four ten-hour days instead of the standard eight-hour, five-day week.. But Zaremberg says current state law acts like a strait jacket. CUT: Zaremberg06 :06 Zaremberg says California is at a disadvantage compared with neighboring states that don’t require daily overtime pay as long as an employee’s workweek doesn’t exceed forty hours. At the Capitol, Senate leader Don Perata said he talks regularly with business owners in his Oakland district. CUT: Perata07 :07 Chamber of Commerce President Allan Zaremberg says roads and schools also need improvement, but that those problems can’t be solved until the state budget is brought under control. SOC